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lapis lazuli stones

25 pcs Natural Lapis Lazuli Rune Stones/Ornaments for Divination

25 pieces of Natural Lapis Lazuli Rune Stones. Can be used for ornamental purposes or for divination. Purplish with rune symbol inscription in gold.

3 Pieces of Santa Claus Envelope Hanging Ornaments Christmas Decorations For New Year Xmas Tree Card Decoration

Description: 3 Pieces of high quality red Santa Claus Envelope. Great material and designed specifically to spread the Christmas cheer. Little cute envelope designed hanging decor. This Envelope can be hung on windows ,bed frames,Christmas trees This Christmas decoration will help to bring up the Festive atmosphere!   Specifications: Material: nonwoven fabric Size: 8*12 cm Weight: 5 g Color: red Package Included: 3*envelop hanging decor

Abstract Black/Gold Elephant Statue Resin Ornaments

Modern Abstract Black/Gold Elephant Statue Resin Ornament for Home. Perfect for minimalists.

Natural Crystal Rainbow Fluorite Hexagonal Prism Pendant

This is a 1 piece natural crystal fluorite hexagonal pendant. The natural "prism" color is mesmerizing and makes for a good present.

Polished Fluorite Quartz Crystals Ball

This is a polished fluorite crystal ball. It has been used since the ancient times to emit spiritual energy and by gurus as a tool for meditation and focus.

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